Brass is a copper-zinc alloy. The properties of this material, such as mechanical strength, colour, resistance to abrasion and corrosion, machinability, ductility and the conduction of heat and electricity, are determined by the zinc content. Compared to copper, it has higher hardness, impact strength and fusibility values. Brass is used in such a wide variety of applications that it is only possible to give a rough list of the main ones, as shown here below:


electrical (electrical equipment, switches, contacts, lamp holders);

road transport (radiators, electrical systems);

marine industry (heat exchangers, plates);

ammunition (casings);

plumbing (taps, valves, radiators, pipes);

chemical industry (heat exchangers);

mechanical industry (bolts, screws, gears, small metal parts);

construction and furnishings (hinges, door and window fittings, furniture hardware, handles);

coins and similar (coins, plates, medals, decorations);

musical instruments (brass instruments).